Top Online Marketing Trends for 2015

Marketing and online marketing have become synonymous over the past decade. During this time, there has also been a huge shift toward inbound techniques, like businesses publishing original content versus embedding advertisements in external content. Here are some of the top trends for the year ahead: 1. Content remains king One of the main ways[…]

Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2015

From technology trends, to changing business models, to evolving consumer behaviours, there’s a lot for today’s marketer to consider on what’s next. Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being overcome by the need to create a common brand experience across on and offline platforms. The following trends will help give you a jumpstart[…]

Marketing and Advertising in Africa, multilingually

When marketing and advertising your business in Africa, it’s best to understand the prevalent languages being spoken in each region. French (Francophonic) and Portuguese (Lusophonic) speaking countries in Africa offer an ample opportunity to communicate with a massive potential market for your business within two locales across the continent, the third, of course, being English.[…]


Build business in Africa with expert translations

Talking the walk in Africa is easier than you imagine. Never before has it been simpler to access world class translations into languages like Swahili, Shona, French, Portuguese and Arabic. Web-lingo offers all of these locales for translation of your documentation, marketing material and business communications, as well as websites, getting you and your brand[…]

9 Phrases to avoid in your business writing

The following are business writing killers. They sound too much like “legalese” and remove the human element from your correspondence. By eliminating them, you’ll make your documents significantly better: 1. “Yours truly” or “Sincerely yours” – You are not theirs. These closings are antiquated. Rather use “Sincerely”. 2. “Respectfully” – This closing has a solemn[…]