Middle Eastern Languages

Our Middle Eastern languages include Arabic, Persian, Farsi, Turkish and Hebrew. Web-lingo has a vast contingent of tried-and-tested linguists stationed across the Middle East. We offer professional language services into and from a number of Middle Eastern languages, including translation, proofreading, editing, localisation, transcription and consultancy.
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Our Linguists

Our translators are based all across the Middle East, in the predominant regions of their respective mother tongues. From Egypt to Iran and Israel, we employ professional, tried-and tested linguists available to translate, localise, transcribe or proofread documentation. All linguists are well-versed in translation and localisation management software, ensuring the language used is both current and consistent in the approach to terminology, tone and, in general, translations that are true to their original.

A Snapshot of Middle-Eastern Languages

Arabic is the official language of the Arab League, consisting of 22 member countries. It is also the liturgical language of over a billion Muslims around the world.  

Did you know?

#Arabic uses the same punctuation system as English. Some symbols are inverted, but they have no impact on intonation.

Middle Eastern Languages