About Us

About US

Web-lingo is a Proudly South African translation agency.
Company Profile

We’re on a mission.

To provide you with a superior translation, localisation and copywriting experience through unparalleled customer service, the latest translation technology, and highly-qualified professional linguists and writers.

Why do we do it?

Because language is beautiful, translation’s dexterous, and localisation an art.
Words are our brushstrokes for creating your business’s perfect portrait in any dialect, vernacular, region or culture.

We have serviced 3200 clients since 1997

We have worked with 35 leading ad agencies, marketing and media companies over the years.

We have 500 professional linguists, editors, proof-readers and copywriters within our network.

  • Years of experience

    years of experience we have in the translation industry. We’ve been doing this since before Google came about. You can’t fake experience and know-how.

  • Languages

    number of languages we translate to and from, including South African, African, European, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Scandinavian and South American languages.

  • Major Industries

    number of major industries we service, from international software development to medical and pharmaceutical, to large-scale publishing of educational materials.

  • Turnaround

    times faster turnaround than our competitors, thanks to our dedicated project managers.