Our Languages

We offer a wide range of professional language and linguistic solutions across 89 languages. From general, medical and legal translations to cultural validation, editing and transcriptions, we provide linguistic expertise in South African, European, African, Asian, Scandinavian, Middle-Eastern and Latin American languages, ensuring effective communication for you, your brand or your client, worldwide.

Our Linguists

Weblingo employs a network of over 500 highly qualified, professional linguists. They are all based in the country of their respective language of choice, and this offers both a consistency of terminology usage and a current perspective of trends within their language of expertise. We pride ourselves in offering language services across 89 of what we perceive to be the most prevalent, according to what we’ve experienced since 1997 across the multitude of industries we’ve worked within. If we haven’t listed the language you require, we’ll do our utmost to source a professional linguist that can assist.

A Snapshot of Languages, Worldwide

There are estimated to be over 7000 languages in the world at present, 2700 of them considered major languages. UNESCO figures state the world’s most-widely spoken languages, according to both first and second language speakers, are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French.

Our major languages include: