Our Focus

Our Focus

Break the language barrier with our professional language solutions.


We can provide professional translation of any document, in any format, into and from 89 languages. We offer translations that are 100% true to the original form, from terminology and tone to format and finishes.


We can transcribe the source material for you, or transcribe and then translate it into your target locale. Time stamps are included and our highly experienced linguists are very familiar with best transcription practices to ensure the process is seamless and simplified for you.


Our localisation team combines the latest in localisation software with their linguistic expertise to ensure localisation that give you and your brand, product, software, website or service a voice and presence worldwide.

Editing and Proofreading

Our highly-qualified proofreaders provide quality assurance for all work completed by Web-lingo or elsewhere, ensuring our ever-exacting standards.


From Microsoft Word to iOS, our translation technology tools and management systems are compatible with any format. If you have your content available in a format that is not listed here, please contact us and we will create a customised solution for you.

Translation Memory

Our translation technology and management systems provide quality assurance, cost-effective processes and faster turnaround times. All help to ensure your language solution remains true to the original source document, from formatting and finishing to terminology and tone.

Sworn Translations

A sworn translation is a translation that will be accepted for official purposes. Examples of work that has to be a sworn translation are documents required in court or other legal proceedings, for migration purposes or for use abroad. Largely these will be official or legal documents.