Translation Management

Our translation technology and management systems provide quality assurance, cost-effective processes and faster turnaround times.

All help to ensure your language solution remains true to the original source document, from formatting and finishing to terminology and tone.

Translation Memory

We’re well versed in the creation of a Translation Memory, essentially a linguistic database that you own and store so-called “segments”, which can be sentences or sentence-like units (headings, titles) that have previously been translated. A translation memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated, in order to aid both our translators and you.

A well-created and maintained translation memory provides a greater consistency of terminology, faster turnaround times and a greater propensity for repetitions to found within your future content. This is highly recommended for larger volume projects to ensure a smooth, speedy workflow without a compromise on translation quality.

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A Glossary is a list of common terms that we can extract from any content.

Our translation technology identifies key, prevalent terms from your source files in order to build a glossary. This provides the opportunity to standardise on the translation or localisation of common terms, to ensure the translations are consistent in their delivery.

Our translators combine their linguistic skill with the forefront of technology to ensure we’re working smarter and harder for effective worldwide communication, on time and within budget.

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Style Guide

A document complied with key instructions regarding the formatting, layout, capitalisation, font size and style, tone, terminology and other inflections that make your requirements unique. To us, there is no formula to our language services. There are only unique communication requirements that require unique solutions, and that’s what we’re here for.

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