SiSwati : Statistics SA and

Statistics SA and offer great insights into the demographics, and specifically, language usage within South Africa. We’ll be posting some of their interesting statistics that came to light during the Census 2011. SiSwati is one of South Africa’s minority languages, spoken by only 2.5% of South Africans, or just under 1.3-million people. It[…]

Swazi (Siswati): SA’s eleven official languages

Swazi (SiSwati) is one of South Africa’s eleven official languages, and we’re searching for insights into the history of the language, the Swazi people and in which particular regions it’s most prevalently spoken. Here is a brief extract from Encyclopedia of World Cultures regarding SiSwati. Identification: “Swazi” refers to the nation, tribe, or ethnic[…]

Terminology Update: R – Z

Don’t forget to take a look at Multilingual Magazine’s Resource Directory for 2012, available here : R&D research and development RBMT rule-based machine translation RC resource code files RES resource files RFC request for comments RFP request for proposal RFQ request for quote RLV regional language vendor ROA return on assets ROI return on[…]

Terminology Update: G – Q

As per our post last week, the benefits of staying on top of new terminology are numerous. So here is another load of terminology for you to feel that much more in tune with the latest trends and technology. You can download the Multilingual Magazine Resource Directory here: We’ll post the remaining R –[…]