Style guide for translations

Style guide for translation: How it can help you

Along with a glossary, a style guide can be one of your best friends when it comes to professional translations. A style guide is essentially a list of instructions that can be used during a translation project by the linguists. It can refer to everything from certain terminology usage, to orthography, to target audience and[…]

How to localise your WordPress website

Translating your website is integral to modern business and driving sales. As the internet is accessed by an ever-growing population of diverse backgrounds and language requirements, your website needs to move with the times and meet the language requirements of your new audiences. Your language choices also need to be suitable for the markets you[…]

What you need to know about Chinese

We get daily queries regarding the appropriate language choice, or to explain the differences between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, for instance. Translating into the wrong language for a particular region can seriously damage your chances of gaining traction in the market.  Make sure you understand who your target market is. Some examples: Simplified vs[…]