Sepedi (Sesotho sa Leboa) Translators Interview – Motlokwe

We pride ourselves on the quality of the translations and localisations we offer. As much as we’d like to take all the credit, it really comes down to linguists we work with. Meet Motlokwe, one of our foremost Sepedi (Sesotho sa Leboa or Northern Sotho) translators.

1. Which languages do you translate and what industries do you specialise in?
“English to Sepedi.”

2. How long have you been a translator, and how did you get into translation as a career?
“10 years. As a compiler of bilingual dictionaries, I developed interest in translation. This is where it started and I never looked back.”

3. What’s the most challenging translation project you’ve ever worked on?
“The Microsoft project.”

4. What’s your favourite Sepedi word or phrase(and its meaning in English)?
” ‘Sebata’ which means ‘The respected’.”

5. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

6. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

7. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
“Motlokwe, a man who worked for his language.”

8. What is the worst gift you have ever received?
“A fail in one of my University studies in 1990.”

9. What sound do you love?
“Luther Vandross.”

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