Transcription meets Translation

Web-lingo offers transcription and translation services across a range of industries. We can transcribe the source material for you, or transcribe and then translate it into your target locale. Time stamps are included and our highly experienced linguists are very familiar with best transcription practices to ensure the process is seamless and simplified for you.

Linguists and Languages

We offer transcription services in South African, African, Middle-Eastern, European, Scandinavian, Latin-American and Asian languages. All of our linguists are based in the country of their specific locales. This helps to provide the best possible consistency of terminology whilst maintaining the essence of their professional service, which is localisation that is true to the original, in tone, terminology, format and finishes, whilst providing a world-class user experience.

Industry Experience

We have experience in a vast array of fields and have been involved in many international transcription projects, as well as a heavy emphasis in Market research and Medical research projects.

Transcription Formats

We can work with any format and deliver the transcriptions and translations in MS Office or Adobe related software.


Please note we charge an hourly rate for transcription and for transcription – translation projects.

For more information on our professional transcriptions and the correct solution for you, please e-mail We’d be happy to put an estimate together for you.