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Modern business requires innovative solutions to not only survive, but thrive, during a global pandemic like COVID-19.

While the world acclimatises to a new way of living, businesses need to focus on adapting their marketing, distribution and sales strategies. The sheer volume of communication each individual consumes, on a daily basis, demands that marketing be punchy, timeous and memorable, in order to be effective. Businesses have to ensure their sales and marketing efforts reach the intended target markets in record time and with unparalleled accuracy, for maximum market penetration.

Professional translations = greater market penetration

In our eyes, professional translations are the proverbial front line to ensuring your business presence stays global. Marketing collateral needs to be incredibly captivating and in language the market can understand fully.

Messaging needs to be clear, concise, and saying exactly what it’s meant to say. In a way the local market would say it. Which is exactly where we come in.

We offer 89 languages, including South African, African, European, Middle-Eastern, Scandinavian, Asian and South American languages. Alongside a dedicated Project Manager, we ensure effective, efficient, and most importantly, accurate global communications across all industries. All of our professional, tried-and-tested linguists are remotely based. We only work with professional linguists based in the country of their respective language specialisation.

We’ve been providing professional translations, remotely, since 1997. Remote working methodologies is what we do. 23 years of experience and our incredible team of remote, professional linguists allows us to provide translations that are 100% true to the original source document. Our TMS (Translation Management System) aids in providing quality assurance, cost-effective processes and faster turnaround times. All helping to ensure your language solution remains true to the original source document, from formatting and finishing to terminology and tone. Saying exactly what it’s meant to say, in a way the locals would say it.

We’re ready to assist with any translation, localisation, proofreading or editing you may require. From website translations to App localisations, and internal communications to global marketing campaigns.

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