6 Reasons to go Multilingual Online(ZULU)

If your XZULU isn’t available in two or more languages, then you and your business are most definitely missing out! Here are some reasons why…..

      1. Going global

Advances in technology and distribution have created a global market place. Your business is playing in this space whether you like it or not.  Having your website available in more than just English creates a serious advantage for this very reason.

2. Expand horizons

A multilingual website expands your horizons and business. The internet is global; hence your website is available to a global audience. Multiple languages accommodates this broader audience.

      3. Local is lovely

Providing local versions of your website to different language groups generates awareness and interest from abroad. Quite simply, people prefer to browse websites in their own language.

      4. Terrific traffic

A multilingual website enjoys increased traffic as it speaks to a wider language base. More traffic means more business. It could also mean added revenue through affiliates or online advertising.

?      5. Credit worthy

Building a multilingual website builds your company’s credibility. A high quality multilingual website will impress visitors and gain you instant respect. It builds immediate confidence in knowing that you’re willing to invest in your visitor’s convenience.

      6. Happy customer happy returns

Think of a ZULU website as cost-effective marketing. Using professional translation to reach customers from around the world will definitely lead to more sales. This is an easily measurable return on investment.

The results from a multilingual website are worth the effort. Professional translation will help boost your business, making it easier for you to gain bigger revenues from a bigger market. Get in touch and let us tell you how translation can increase your business info@web-lingo.com.