3 Fool-proof tips for writing email headings

The subject of an email is often all that stands between the mail being read or ignored. The following are some simple, failsafe tips to help get your readers’ attention: 

1.    Don’t try too hard to grab attention. Keep it mundane and clear. In a study by MailChimp, the following subject lines were top performers:

•    [Company Name] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
•    Eye on the [Company Name] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)
•    [Company Name] Staff Shirts & Photos

By contrast, these were the worst performers:

•    Tempting August NUSA Specials!
•    SALE ends soon – up to 50% off all bras at Kara!
•    Last Minute Gift – We Have The Answer
•    Valentines – Shop Early & Save 10%
•    Give a Gift Certificate this Holiday
•    Final reminder for complimentary entry to attend the West Freelands BCI Cluster Conference 2006

2.    Make sure it’s relevant. This is as simple as it sounds. Ensure your subject line describes the subject of your email. Irrelevant subject lines are the fastest way to irritate your audience.

3.    Shorter rather than longer. Shorter subject lines are preferable, especially if your subscribers check their emails on a smartphone or tablet. So remember to keep your subject lines short, or make sure the topic of your email is apparent in the first two or three words.

Happy writing!