Multilingual Copywriting and how it can help your international communications

As the world and our day-to-day lives move faster with each passing year, attention spans are changing. When it comes to effective content, you need to speak directly to the market you are targeting in a way that captures their attention. This can only be done through well-localised content pieces that suit the cultural needs[…]

Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2015

From technology trends, to changing business models, to evolving consumer behaviours, there’s a lot for today’s marketer to consider on what’s next. Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being overcome by the need to create a common brand experience across on and offline platforms. The following trends will help give you a jumpstart[…]

7 Tips on Homepage headlines

6-12 words are that stand between you and a higher click-thru rate. These words are your Homepage headline, and are arguably the most important words on your site. That’s because five times more people read the headline as the body copy. Below are 8 steps to writing a great Homepage headline: 1. Write the headline[…]

4 tips on writing your Homepage

Writing the Homepage of your website can be tricky. It must grip your reader, it must convey the essence of your offering, and it must support all the other click-through pages. There is a lot to be said about writing Homepages. These four points cover the more important issues: 1. Use your main headline to[…]

9 Phrases to avoid in your business writing

The following are business writing killers. They sound too much like “legalese” and remove the human element from your correspondence. By eliminating them, you’ll make your documents significantly better: 1. “Yours truly” or “Sincerely yours” – You are not theirs. These closings are antiquated. Rather use “Sincerely”. 2. “Respectfully” – This closing has a solemn[…]