4 Ways to grow your business with translation


Translate for greater gains worldwide.

According to a recent BBC report, a single misspelling on your website potentially costs your business millions. 99% of business on the web is still done through written words. In today’s digital ecosystem, businesses also face the challenge of communicating globally. Selling to international customers requires you to speak their language. Here are some creative ways translation services can help your business grow:

Multilingual landing pages

A study of web users in the EU found that 90% preferred browsing sites in their native language, and that 44% felt they missed critical information when browsing in a foreign language. If you look at your web analytics, you may notice some traffic from other countries. If English isn’t their primary language then rout them to a localised landing page in their mother tongue.

Multiple language keywords

If you’re in a competitive field with high keywords costs for online ads, consider keywords in other languages. The cost of those same words in Spanish, for example, may be considerably less. By focusing on building sites and driving traffic in other language markets, you’ll gain a leg-up on your competitors and build your brand and business.

Translate your social media

Translation can help deliver timely materials to specific segments of your audience. For example, if some of your customers are located in India, it’s possible to do a Diwali promotion or messaging around the holiday. Offering content that’s relevant to your customers’ day-to-day lives deepens your relationship with them, and builds your brand’s authority and likeability.

Banner Ads that speak globally

Banner ads are still one of the biggest forms of internet advertising. It’s crucial to convey your brand’s image, a clever concept, or a powerful call to action in just a few words. If your banner ads are not translated, then you’re wasting valuable advertising spend. Thousands of people may be seeing your ads without understanding them.

Words are the currency of the digital business world. They help you effectively do business. If you’re working to build a strong brand image in a new market, translation services can help you meet your business goals quickly, efficiently, and affordably.