Asian Languages

Our Asian languages include both Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, Malaysian, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Khmer.
Web-lingo is fortunate to possess a wealth of experience within our Asian languages team. Our highly qualified translators, tried-and tested proofreaders and localisation experts have experience been in a multitude of industries, from Publishing and Educational projects to permit and general translations.
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Our Linguists

Our linguists are based all over Asia, from Shanghai to Tokyo and Hong Kong. This ensures that all Asian language used is both consistent in terminology usage and appropriate for your target market. With over 2000 languages in the region, it’s imperative to choose the correct dialect and language when looking to gain traction in foreign markets.  All linguists are well-versed in translation and localisation management software.

A Snapshot of Asian Languages

Asia boast over 2000 languages at present, and China alone stands at 241 active languages, roughly 3,5% of the world’s languages, including Peripheral Mongolian, Central Tibetan, Uyghur, Xibe and Northern Zhuang.

Did you know?

#Simplified Chinese has less characters and less downstrokes than the Traditional Chinese scripture.

Asian Languages