Latin American Languages

We can provide you with professional language services into a comprehensive range of Spanish dialects and Brazilian Portuguese, suited specifically for Latin-American markets. All linguists are highly qualified, tried-and tested professionals and our services include translation, localisation, proofreading, editing and language consultancy services.
Click here for a quote on your communication requirements into either Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish, specifically-suited for Latin American markets.

Our Linguists

All professionals are based in the country of their respective language of expertise. We provide quality language translations, transcriptions, localisations and proofreading services, as well as a language consultancy service to enable you and your brand to make an informed and well-calculated decision in communicating with foreign markets, and in this case, South America. All linguists are well-versed in translation and localisation management software, ensuring the language used is both current and consistent in the approach to terminology, tone and, in general, translations that are true to their original. This is imperative in gaining traction in foreign markets.

A Snapshot of Latin American Languages

Spanish is diverse in dialect across South America. Here’s a brief look at the various dialects we can translate into or from:
es (Spain) es-gt (Guatemala)
es-mx (Mexico) es-pa (Panama)
es-cr (Costa Rica) es-ve (Venezuela)
es-do (Dominican Republic) es-pe (Peru)
es-co (Colombia) es-ec (Ecuador)
es-ar (Argentina) es-uy (Uruguay)
es-cl (Chile) es-bo (Bolivia)
es-py (Paraguay) es-hn (Bolivia)
es-sv (El Salvador) es-pr (Puerto Rico)
es-ni (Nicaragua)

Did you know?

#Brazilian Portuguese is the only Portuguese dialect spoken in South America.

Latin American Languages