We offer professional translation, localisation, proofreading, editing and validation into and from Italian. One of our most prevalent language requirements, our linguists are highly experienced in their respective industry specialisations. All linguists are well-versed in translation and localisation management software, ensuring the language used is both current and consistent in the approach to terminology, tone and, in general, translations that are true to their original. This is imperative in gaining traction in foreign markets.

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Italian – What you need to know

Name and Language Code: Italian – IT
Alternate Names: Italiano
Family: Indo-European – Italic – Romance – Italo-Dalmatian - Italian
Est. number of speakers: 60 million native speakers, 85 million worldwide
Countries Official: Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City
Prevalent Countries: Italy, Croatia, Eritrea, France, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vatican State, Argentina

Prevalent Countries

Italy Italy
 Croatia Croatia
 France France
 San Marino San Marino
 Switzerland Switzerland
 Argentina Argentina