Increase the quality of your translations

As with most things in life, quick fixes don’t work. Getting your uncle’s German speaking wife to translate for you because it’s convenient and cheap is not a long term solution. This will come back to bite you, and will land up costing double. Professionalism and experience are critical. A linguistic degree should be a pre-requisite, not an added benefit.

The key here is to go with a linguist with a professional background and tried and tested references. The mother-tongue aspect remains the most important. Your translator should always be translating into their mother-tongue. 

Points to consider:

•    Their mother-tongue needs to be your target language. If you require translation from English into Spanish specifically for Argentina, then your linguist needs to speak Argentinian Spanish.
•    They need to live in the country of their respective locale. They would need to live in Argentina, as this assists with up-to-date terminology usage and a real perspective of the language and its working in day-to-day life.
•    Industry-relevant Experience. If the content is marketing-based, then your chosen linguist needs to have concrete examples of the work they have previously completed in this field, and references for quality.


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