Five B2B Marketing Trends for 2015

From technology trends, to changing business models, to evolving consumer behaviours, there’s a lot for today’s marketer to consider on what’s next. Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being overcome by the need to create a common brand experience across on and offline platforms. The following trends will help give you a jumpstart on 2015: 

1. Micro-targeting 
It’s time to really get to know your customers.  Dig deeper into customisation and personalisation strategies to find the small, yet potentially profitable subsets of your market. Touching these customers will require good content and clear communication to create the kind of one-to-one conversations required for successful micro targeting.

2. Paid placements 
As social networks move away from earned media into paid media, B2B marketers will have to spend more time and money investing in paid or sponsored placements to engage hard-to-reach business consumers. The days of free reach are over. If you don’t pay, your followers very likely won’t see anything you’re doing in the social realm.

3. Mastering mobile
Business users are consumers outside of work and expect the same types of integrated experiences that consumer brands offer. Your challenge is to create these digital experiences to fit the preferences and needs of your audience. This doesn’t just mean flashy websites. Mobile-optimised elements, offline activities and dynamic content are what are needed for a real personalised digital experience.

4. Quality content = quality writers
As brands turn into publishers, their content needs will span beyond grammatical accuracy and into the finer points of writing compelling copy, adaptable across platforms and written to the tastes of narrowly targeted personas. The need for well-crafted copy goes hand-in-hand with one of content marketers’ consistent pain points of not being able to produce enough to fill their content pipelines. This will lead forward-thinking marketers to seek out experienced writers and agencies that specialise in writing great content.

5. Back-to-brief 
With such a strong focus on writing in 2015, if skills are lacking in house, reach out to specialists to do it for you, allowing the content team to remain focused instead on strategy, placement and analytics. Be prepared to provide in-depth creative briefs and make internal documentation available to give your writer a complete view of what you’re trying to accomplish and your target audience.

Remember: for all your quality content requirements, you have a dedicated partner just waiting to assist 


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