New Translation and Localisation Services

Web-lingo continues to be driven by translation quality, management efficiency and a cost-effective service.

Our new translation and localisation service offerings include:

Website localisation:

 Let us localise your website without any additional development or integration costs.

  • Our FREE plug-in is easily installed, which allows us to extract content from your website CMS (Drupal, Word press etc.), straight into our TMS (Translation Management System).
  • Your content is translated by our specialised translators within our TMS and uploaded back onto your website, all via our plug-in.
  • Both English and translated content is managed and available in a re-usable XML format ready for publishing to other channels such as iPad, Android, Print etc.
  • The design of your site is an exact replica of your English site, just with localised content based on your target market.

Translation memory and content management:

 Let us store your translations within our TMS (Translation Management System).

  •  Web-lingo can save you both time and money by re-using your previous translations.
  • We can extract key terms from your English content in order to create glossaries of commonly used terms to ensure the quality and consistency of the translations throughout the content.
  • You won’t pay for the same word or phrase to be translated or localised twice, allowing for a more cost-effective and timeous service offering.
  • The longer you translate / localise with us, the bigger your translation memory will be, and therefore the more money you will save on future translations.
  • Your unique client specific translation memory is stored within our secure cloud environment.

Multi-channel output solutions

 Communicate your translated content across a multitude of media channels. We convert your source and target files into a re-usable XML format, which can then be converted into any format you require.

  •  We manage both the English and translated versions of client’s content with options to publish to iPad, Android and Kindle to ePub 3.0 and Web / HTML.
  • Our clients can now reach new potential markets and communicate effectively in 85 languages across multiple media channels.

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