7 reasons why proofreading is important

We always highly recommend proofreading. Here are 7 reasons why you should always consider it.

Public Distribution

We always recommend proofreading on any translation project. When content is set for public distribution, even more so. Writing in your own mother-tongue, everyone should get a second opinion.  If you don’t by now, you should. The same can be said for translation. When it comes to creating content, four eyes are almost always better than two!

Check your spelling

Spelling is one sure-fire way to lose your readers interest. If the spelling is bad, your message is just not as credible anymore. Spelling matters.

Check your punctuation

Bad punctuation can take the meaning of your phrase entirely out of context!

Proofreading - Punctuation

Terminology Consistency

This is especially applicable when dealing with large volumes and multiple translators. A glossary is always recommended too. This ensures all linguists are on the same page when it comes to certain key terms and their respective translations. It offers the opportunity for the lead linguists to ensure the terminology is being used in the correct context, and that the tone of the translation is correct for its intended markets of distribution.

Tone (Voice)

This is important for dealing with regional distributions of content. Academically-styled translations may not be particularly suited to translating a survey that is aimed at the rural community, and vice-versa. The tone of the language used needs to fit with the market you wish to target. Proofreading offers that secondary insight and can increase your content’s penetration within the market.


This happens to the best writers in the world. Typo’s, copy and paste disasters, incorrect spelling or missing punctuation. Mistakes like these, especially within the print media realm, can be devastating. They can cost you a fortune, not to mention your brand’s credibility.

Proofreading - GremlinsSuggested changes

Finally, content is almost always undergoing refinement. 95% of writers will always see a way to improve, simplify, to add punch or zest or general depth to a piece they have written. Information may need to be updated, or the piece simply doesn’t measure up to what the writer envisaged.

Proofreaders can offer a unique insight into suggested improvements and take the content from well-written to engaging and thought-provoking. When your content engages your readers, it usually leads to action on their part, which is something all advertisers and writers want. Potential customers acting on their message.

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