7 Steps to a killer offer

Ever wonder what makes an offer too good to refuse? It probably has less to do with the proposition and more to do with the way it is communicated. In fact, most irresistible offers have 7 things in common:

1. Right market

No point in trying to sell ice to Eskimos. Bald men do not buy combs no matter how amazing they may be. Make sure you are targeting the right market.  You can do this easily by observing and asking questions to become aware of the problems clients face and the things they want. To make a killer offer, you must first unearth an unmet need and then build a product to satisfy that need.

2. More value than cost

Offer so much value that the price becomes irrelevant.  The trick to creating value is satisfying as many needs as possible. Always think about the emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual needs of your customer, and then weave together an offer that speaks to all of those elements.

3. Prove it

We secretly all want to belong and feel safe in our decisions. So when we see lots of people using a product we decide it’s a good choice, whether it is or not. This is called social proof.  “Could one million people be wrong?”  is a classic example often used by advertisers.

4. Solve their pain

The number one way to create an irresistible offer is to solve a problem. Find out the problems people are having and then write an offer that communicates how your product can solve that problem.

5. Keep it simple

It’s essential that your offer makes sense to your customer immediately. For example: “Two for the price of one,” or “Learn Xhosa in 12 days.” To keep it simple, you must understand the benefits of your product, and then identify the most important one. That is the basis of your offer.

6. Include a guarantee

No offer is ever complete without a guarantee. If you can’t guarantee your product, why should people trust you?  It could be a free trial or a warranty. People are more price sensitive than ever before, so you need to think creatively on how to make price concerns go away. A good guarantee is just the thing.


Create scarcity/urgency with your words, for example, “Limited addition, only 1000 ever produced” or “Only 2 days left to register…”. Scarcity works on FOMO or fear of missing out. Create FOMO and kiss your sales problems goodbye.