4 Ways to grow your business with translation

According to a recent BBC report, a single misspelling on your website potentially costs your business millions. 99% of business on the web is still done through written words. In today’s digital ecosystem, businesses also face the challenge of communicating globally. Selling to international customers requires you to speak their language. Here are some creative[…]

Better translations: 5 ways to QA your translations

Mother-tongue translator Ensure your translator is translating into their mother-tongue. If you require an English document translated into French, your translator should be a native French speaker. In-country linguist Over-and-above being a native speaker of the respective locale, your linguist should also be based in that locale. This will ensure your terminology’s up-to-date and grammar[…]

5 Reasons to go with the translation pros

If you’re trading internationally, or in a multilingual market (like South Africa), you need translation services. Building a long-term partnership with a professional agency is the best way to avoid pitfalls and get the edge on competitors. Here are five reasons why: We’ve done this before You’ll benefit from experienced language professionals who’ve worked with[…]