Build business in Africa with expert translations

Talking the walk in Africa is easier than you imagine. Never before has it been simpler to access world class translations into languages like Swahili, Shona, French, Portuguese and Arabic. Web-lingo offers all of these locales for translation of your documentation, marketing material and business communications, as well as websites, getting you and your brand[…]

9 Phrases to avoid in your business writing

The following are business writing killers. They sound too much like “legalese” and remove the human element from your correspondence. By eliminating them, you’ll make your documents significantly better: 1. “Yours truly” or “Sincerely yours” – You are not theirs. These closings are antiquated. Rather use “Sincerely”. 2. “Respectfully” – This closing has a solemn[…]

4 ways to simplify your translation management

1. Content plan A content plan allows for the necessary research to be completed when dealing with complicated, industry-specific terminology. It also allows for any queries to be cleared up before translation commences and for adequate feedback before the deadline creeps up. Clear and concise planning and delivery of source content to translators means calm, collected[…]