The Middle East and South Central Asia

The Most Spoken Languages in the World – The Middle East and South-Central Asia

Statistics and figures vary quite drastically when discussing the most spoken languages in the world. Whilst the stats and figures vary, there seems to be consensus as far as which languages we’re referring to. This kind of insight is invaluable when considering your multilingual marketing efforts. Gaining maximum penetration and reach of the content being[…]

A clear brief for translation

Professional Translation: A clear brief for first-timers

Professional translation is both an art and a science, so a clear brief is paramount to success. We thought we’d highlight what we would consider when starting a new translation project: Service required Clarify whether you require just translation, translation and independent proofreading, or perhaps post-production proofreading once the translation have been placed into layout.[…]

Professional linguist

7 things to look for in a professional linguist

When translating for the first time, choosing a linguist or a language agency can be a little overwhelming. We thought it a good idea to break down what we think you should look for: Experience We recommend a minimum of five years experience in the professional translation industry for any linguist. References There should be[…]

Professional french translations

Open the door to African markets with professional French translations

When looking to break the language barrier in Africa, it’s best to start with French translations. With over 20 countries citing French as an official language and many more where it is widely spoken and understood, it’s safe to say French one of the most prevalent languages in Africa. Whilst there are great similarities between[…]

7 tips for professional translation

Professional Translation Services: 7 ways to ensure quality translations

Translation can be tricky. It’s both a science and an artform. Incorrect terminology translations, tone, grammar, or even dialect can derail even the simplest of translation requirements into a word salad of gobbledy gook. So, we thought it a good idea to highlight seven elements you need to consider when translating content for multiple markets.[…]

Ndebele Translators: Jabajaba

Meet another one of our highly-experienced Ndebele translators: Jabajaba. 1. Which languages do you translate and what industries do you specialise in? “IsiNdebele: Education (Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills), Health, Social, Science.” 2. How long have you been a translator, and how did you get into translation as a career? “8 years. I just had a passion for languages[…]

South Africa’s 11 Official Languages: Ndebele

In continuation of our overview of Ndebele, the Encyclopedia of World Cultures and the Columbia Encyclopedia have the following summary to help us understand the history and characteristics of one of our eleven official languages, Ndebele, and the two dialects thereof, Southern Ndebele and Northern Ndebele, or Matabele. Encyclopedia of World Cultures: Overview The people[…]