Our localisation team combines the latest in localisation software with their linguistic expertise to ensure localisation that give you and your brand, product, software, website or service a voice and presence worldwide.

Localisation, for us, is comprised of the translation of text and its meaning, or essence, to be suitable for a specific market and culture. It goes one step further than merely translating – localisation of the source text involves communicating within a specific region or culture and appealing to the personal preferences of the region/culture, in their own language. This includes the tiny nuances within language that only locals would appreciate and understand. This allows for the translation to be crafted for the specific audience and their way of communicating naturally with one another.

Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Web-lingo employs a wealth of tried-tested professional linguists with industry specific experience in localisation, including software (UI, UE), website localisation and web development projects, across 89 languages.

Linguists & Languages

We offer localisation services in South African, African, Middle-Eastern, European, Scandinavian, Latin-American and Asian languages. All of our linguists are based in the country of their specific locales. This helps to provide the best possible consistency of terminology whilst maintaining the essence of their professional service, which is localisation that is true to the original, in tone, terminology, format and finishes, whilst providing a world-class user experience.


Web-lingo can localise your website for increased presence online. WordPress, Drupal, or even a custom CMS, our translation management systems and engineers will work within the required format and minimise the hassle of exporting and importing translated web content. Our clients can upload files via our cli-tool, our API and by simply sending us their website files. We’ll take care of the rest.


We’re well-versed in localising software for new markets around the world. From vehicle-tracking to business workflow software, our linguists offer professional localisation solutions to gain you presence in foreign markets.

We treat every project on a bespoke basis, striving for the most cost-effective service. Our language services are charged on a per word; per hour; or per page basis, depending on the nature of the service, subject matter, volume, turnaround time, languages required and level of technicality. We’d be happy to put an estimate together for you.


We commonly work within the following file formats for localisations:

Software Formats: Extension
Microsoft .NET .resx
Java Properties .properties
GNU GeText .po ; .pot
Flex Properties .properties
Ruby on Rails & YAML .yaml
Qt .ts
DKLang .dklang ; .lng
XUL .dtd
Google Chrome Extension .json
Windows .rc ; .resw ; .resjson
Joomla .ini
Generic INI .ini
Generic JSON .json
Generic XML .xml
NSIS Installer .nsh
WiX Installer .wxl
Mobile Formats: Extension
Android .xml
iOS .strings


Our mission

To provide you with a superior translation, localisation and copywriting experience through unparalleled customer service, the latest translation technology, and highly qualified professional linguists and writers.