Glossary: Your first step to improving translation quality

romain-vignes-53940-unsplashA glossary is one of the unsung heroes of the translation industry.

All content will have a certain amount of prevalent terms. Perhaps they are slogans, product names, company details, product descriptions etc.

By extracting these terms, or phrases, and pre-translating them before the bulk of the translation requirements occur, you can not only save on time, but vastly improve the translation quality you’ll receive.

  • The first step is to extract all the prevalent terminology and/or phrases form the content requiring translation. Most TMS’s (Translation Management System) have this ability.
  • Once the prevalent terms have been identified, it’s handed over to the team of professional linguists that will suggest translations for those words and/or phrases.
  • The translated glossary can then be proofread by an independent team of linguists within the agency or handed over to the brand and/or company to approve.
  • This is incredibly important, as once the glossary translations are approved by all parties, they can be used with confidence and committed to the TM.
  • Glossaries can always be updated and thereby the TM’s can be updated, saving time, improving translation quality and ultimately making the process more cost-effective.

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