Professional linguist

7 things to look for in a professional linguist

When translating for the first time, choosing a linguist or a language agency can be a little overwhelming. We thought it a good idea to break down what we think you should look for: Experience We recommend a minimum of five years experience in the professional translation industry for any linguist. References There should be[…]

Style guide for translations

Style guide for translation: How it can help you

Along with a glossary, a style guide can be one of your best friends when it comes to professional translations. A style guide is essentially a list of instructions that can be used during a translation project by the linguists. It can refer to everything from certain terminology usage, to orthography, to target audience and[…]

Glossaries improve translation quality

Glossary: Your first step to improving translation quality

A glossary is one of the unsung heroes of the translation industry. All content will have a certain amount of prevalent terms. Perhaps they are slogans, product names, company details, product descriptions etc. By extracting these terms, or phrases, and pre-translating them before the bulk of the translation requirements occur, you can not only save on[…]