Better translations: 5 ways to QA your translations

Mother-tongue translator Ensure your translator is translating into their mother-tongue. If you require an English document translated into French, your translator should be a native French speaker. In-country linguist Over-and-above being a native speaker of the respective locale, your linguist should also be based in that locale. This will ensure your terminology’s up-to-date and grammar[…]


5 Reasons to go with the translation pros

If you’re trading internationally, or in a multilingual market (like South Africa), you need translation services. Building a long-term partnership with a professional agency is the best way to avoid pitfalls and get the edge on competitors. Here are five reasons why: We’ve done this before You’ll benefit from experienced language professionals who’ve worked with[…]

Sworn vs Certified Translations: What’s the Difference?

There is often a confusion surrounding a sworn translation versus a certified translation.  Google offers the following definition: sworn translation A sworn translation is a translation officially signed and stamped by a sworn translator and accompanied by the translator’s statement testifying to the truthfulness of the translation. To clarify, sworn translators produce sworn translations. Informally,[…]

Why Translation and Proofreading are not mutually exclusive

We’re often asked why we recommend proofreading. Surely the lead linguist will proofread their own work? Won’t translations be good enough on the first round? Translation is not a science. Neither is it an art. It’s both. Good translation is as true to the original as possible, in form, tone, terminology and finish. If ten[…]

Get more international business

Is your business getting as much international attention as it should be? Most business is conducted in English. It’s the international language of business and is the most accessible language worldwide. Yet, if that is the case, why are you not getting more international business from traditionally non-English-speaking countries? Nelson Mandela said:“If you talk to[…]