Multilingual Copywriting and how it can help your international communications

As the world and our day-to-day lives move faster with each passing year, attention spans are changing. When it comes to effective content, you need to speak directly to the market you are targeting in a way that captures their attention. This can only be done through well-localised content pieces that suit the cultural needs[…]

7 reasons why proofreading is important

We always highly recommend proofreading. Here are 7 reasons why you should always consider it. Public Distribution We always recommend proofreading on any translation project. When content is set for public distribution, even more so. Writing in your own mother-tongue, everyone should get a second opinion.  If you don’t by now, you should. The same[…]

Localisation for Applications to stand out

App localisation for greater gains, worldwide

Applications are readily available on Google Play Store and the Apple Store. It certainly begs the question: How do you stand out? One of the easiest ways to do this is to translate your App into multiple languages using professional localisation services. An App that is multilingual can grow your potential user base and monthly subscribers. That is[…]

How to localise your WordPress website

Translating your website is integral to modern business and driving sales. As the internet is accessed by an ever-growing population of diverse backgrounds and language requirements, your website needs to move with the times and meet the language requirements of your new audiences. Your language choices also need to be suitable for the markets you[…]

8 Musts for Landing Page Copy

Landing pages are those web pages specifically designed to perform a single task. Whether to sell your product, encourage people to sign up for a newsletter, or recommend an event. No matter its purpose, a landing page must build trust from the very beginning. Here are 8 simple ways to do just that: 1 –[…]

Top Online Marketing Trends for 2015

Marketing and online marketing have become synonymous over the past decade. During this time, there has also been a huge shift toward inbound techniques, like businesses publishing original content versus embedding advertisements in external content. Here are some of the top trends for the year ahead: Content remains king One of the main ways that[…]