Ndebele Translators: Jabajaba

Meet another one of our highly-experienced Ndebele translators: Jabajaba. 1. Which languages do you translate and what industries do you specialise in? “IsiNdebele: Education (Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills), Health, Social, Science.” 2. How long have you been a translator, and how did you get into translation as a career? “8 years. I just had a passion for languages[…]

South Africa’s 11 Official Languages: Ndebele

In continuation of our overview of Ndebele, the Encyclopedia of World Cultures and the Columbia Encyclopedia have the following summary to help us understand the history and characteristics of one of our eleven official languages, Ndebele, and the two dialects thereof, Southern Ndebele and Northern Ndebele, or Matabele. Encyclopedia of World Cultures: Overview The people[…]